Color Folders In The Mind

Color Folders In The Mind: A Synopsis

Color Folders In The Mind is a quick and light soft-bound pocket trade book for marketers and non-marketers; entrepreneurs and business owners of conglomerates and mega-businesses, academicians; trade and commerce people, even economists; business students and advertising people or just about anybody interested in setting up a business.

The book is a quick tool kit that helps the reader understand how to build, keep, and sustain a brand in the target market’s consciousness over a sustained period of time, long before the buying transaction happens and always whenever the category comes into mind.

Color Folders In The Mind introduces a practical, metaphorical guide that keeps the reader abreast of his brand’s performance in the Customer’s mind. The self-accomplished checklist helps the business owner and his Marketer track his brand’s performance at all times.

Color Folders In The Mind is based on the concept that each Customer keeps a mental file folder of the Brand. Each marketer and business owner must strive to fill the Consumer’s mental file folder of the brand with deep knowledge of the brand, meaningful consumer experience, new product excitement over time, among others. The colors orange, black, grey and white  are representative of the brand’s performance in the mind of the Customers and the Marketer.

Moreover, the book provides the reader a peek into different types of consumers with insights dredged from research. Among these markets include the active silver citizen market, the modern man, male homemakers, indulgent women consumers, GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender) market, affluent households, the tween market, VS (voluntary simplicity) and ethical consumers.

For example, the book takes you through how older people in general think about their age. Unless extremely tired or depressed, older people do not think of themselves as old. Advertising that talk about the silver citizen’s active lifestyle rather than about his age is preferred. The book shares product successes and failures like how Heinz pureed senior food miserably failed as the elderly shied away from the product perceived to symbolize old age weakness and helplessness.

Another is the emergent GLBT market and how these can be reached. The book shares how humor appeals to this segment and how strong a sense of family they have. It also stresses how this market can no longer be ignored. That is why major companies, many of them belonging to Fortune’s 500 like Procter and Gamble, American Express, etc. are aiming their guns at this market. Even the local chain of National Bookstores has a gay and lesbian fiction section to address the needs of this market.

Advance readers of the book have offered the following testimonial blurbs:

COLOR FOLDERS IN THE MIND:  A BRANDING STORY can help propel your brand to be top of mind among consumers. It emphasizes how great strategy and execution of your brand plan come hand in hand. Let us help you take this wonderful journey and make your brand a Heritage Brand.”
Socorro “Nanay Coring” Ramos

National Bookstore

“With much insight and practical knowledge, Dr. Karen de Asis presents a highly useful guide for marketers of all kinds.  Light and easy to read, this book, Color Folders in the Mind, gives valuable information on helping every brand fulfill its ultimate goal of having an orange marker. We had the opportunity to learn first hand from Dr. de Asis’ vast marketing experience.  She has been instrumental in helping our company successfully launch and sustain many of our brands.  More power to you!”
Dr. Abraham F. Pascual, Ph.d.

Chairman of the Board

Pascual Laboratories Inc.

“Entrepreneurs’ marketing skills are honed and cultivated over years of challenging traditional thinking, questioning status quo and constantly exploring marketing ideas that dare to probe cracks in established and seemingly totally impenetrable markets.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs have a collective Achilles heel; the common weakness is our inability to accept and concede that our gut feel marketing, life skills armory and conceptual instincts do have limitations. Fortunately our infallible sixth sense can be further reinforced and validated by marketing disciplines that Karen De Asis espouses with passion. These invaluable marketing tools such as FGDs, market research together with a structured disciplined approach, positively contribute in converting and harnessing the entrepreneur’s earth-shaking ideas into a well-managed campaign and a bankable long-term marketing plan.”
Albert M G Garcia

President & CEO
Whealth Inc.

“COLOR FOLDERS IN THE MIND  is rich with marketing wisdom, and provides a clear roadmap for every one who wants to build a successful brand.  It brings to light the elements that help global brands remain successful, and illustrates how local brands adopt brilliant marketing strategies to transform themselves into world class brands.

It is a very practical guide to building brand differentiation, and identifying high value market segment opportunities.  It is a must read for every marketer who wants to create a meaningful and enduring brand.”
Marie B. Lee

Group Account Director
Ad and Brand Performance Division
TNS North America

“COLOR FOLDERS IN THE MIND is a brilliant and valuable marketing tool. A must-have to execute a Brand plan. This book guarantees success for every Marketer. An enjoyable reading experience!”
Mylene Abiva-Sazon

Vice-President, Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP)

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